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C2 Listening Working on the Parole Board

Photo by Isabella Mendes on Paul Worsley, former judge, discusses the dilemma a parole board faces when it comes to deciding whether a person convicted of murder can be released into the community. In this listening activity, you will listen to an interview from Talkradio Europe. Fill in the blanks with the word(s) you…… Continue reading C2 Listening Working on the Parole Board

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C1/C2 Vocabulary for crime and punishment

Warren Wong Unsplash I already had a quiz created for upper intermediate, but it obviously wasn’t challenging enough for higher levels, so I hope this one does the job as you will find approximately 60 expressions to practise with. I’m very grateful to Collins Dictionary online where I found loads of helpful examples along with…… Continue reading C1/C2 Vocabulary for crime and punishment

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Word formation activity: Balconing

I wish I hadn’t got a hateful tendency to pick out horrible scraps of news for some of our activities. What I would really like is to always be in a very positive mood and only mention the very beautiful things related to my home island. But I just guess that part of my blog will…… Continue reading Word formation activity: Balconing