The Sailorman’s Hymn

This beautiful, although extremely sad ballad by Kamelot, tells the story of a woman hopefully waiting for her lover who may have died at sea in a shipwreck. Although she feels lost and lonely, she never loses hope and lights a candle every night to guide him back home to her. Why the man went away, is not clear in the lyrics, but the reference to the ‘resounding sirens’ bring to mind something that at first  looked tempting, but finally had a tragic outcome.

The song may also be a romantic reference to smuggling, which during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, was very common in the British Isles as many were those that at night, risked their lives in an attempt to earn a living.

Anyway, whatever the ballad is about, Kamelot’s vocalist, Roy Khan,  has such  a wonderful voice that I want to share it with you, so as to bring to mind a bard-like story of  remote Ireland.

I hope you enjoy the song.

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Learning English with songs The Sailorman's Hymn by Kamelot

Listen and  fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb. You have the verb in brackets.

Activity by Serena

Can you hear the sirens resound?
From the ____ of Ireland tonight

It's the song of a promising heart
Of the souls that the____ unites

And she stands by the window alone
Staring into the ____

She is trying to guide his way home
From the _____that keep them apart

So she lights up a candle for hope to be found
Captive and blind by the ____ around

Firm as a mountain, she never will mourn
Timeless awaiting the break of _____

Can you hear the sailor man's hymn?
As it comes with the rise of the _____

It is sung where the ______ begins
As a comfort for the tears she has cried

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