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Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me by Now

The British pop/soul band, Simply Red covered this song in 1989 and it became their second best-known hit after reaching number 1 in U.S. The original track was recorded in 1972 by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

Here the aim of listening to this song is to become aware of the first conditional, which is actually in the title of the song. You will also be able to revise some of the vocabulary from B1. The song also has some very useful expressions  related to a romantic relationship between a couple that are arguing. Although it is a very old song, I chose it because it is easy to understand, but as I always say to my students, be careful with some of the expressions that are grammatically incorrect – like double negatives- but are often used in colloquial speech.

Level B1

Created by blogdeserena

Learning English with songs If You Don't Know Me By Now Simply Red

Listen and fill the blanks with the missing word according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

If you don't know me by now

You will never, never know me ooooooh.

All the things that we've been _____

You should understand me

like I understand you

Girl I know the difference _____ right and wrong

I aint gonna do nothing

To ___/___ our happy home.

Don't get so _____

When I come home a little late at night.

Cos we only act like children when we argue, fuss and fight.

If you don't know me by now (If you don't know me)

You will never, never, never know meĀ  (No you won't)

If you don't know me by now

You will never, never, never know me

We all got our own funny _____

I've got mine

Woman you've got yours too.

Just trust in me

Like I trust in you

As ____ as we be together

I should be easy to do

Just get yourself together

Or we might as well say goodbye

What good is a love ____ when you can't see eye to eye.


If you don't know me by now

You will never, never, never know me

If you don't know me by now....

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