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Concession connectors’Although, though, even though’, ‘despite’ or ‘in spite of’ ?

Hello! Here’s a video from bitable that explains how to use these linking devices.

Amazing tool this Bitable!
Created by blogdeserena

although-despite-in spite of- even though

Choose the option 

Activity by Serena

Although he got the job, ... 

Although the traffic was bad, ...  

____, although the traffic was bad.

He went on the trip despite ...

She ran the race despite... 

The could speak fluently in spite of ... 

They couldn't find their flight tickets, in spite of ... 

The house wasn't very pretty, _____we liked the garden.

It's cold today, ____ the fact that the sun is shining. 

In spite of _______little time, they always find some to visit their elders. 

______ they hired more staff, they still couldn't meet the deadline.

The team lost, ____ the players played really well.

3 thoughts on “Concession connectors’Although, though, even though’, ‘despite’ or ‘in spite of’ ?

  1. Although it is a Grammar vídeo,I can easily learn with this fun video.Thanks.

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