Listening Intermediate B1 :Why Countries Don’t Use Purple on Their Flags

Ever wondered why purple doesn’t appear on flags, or why there are always four strawberry flavoured yogurts in a packet of eight? I can’t explain the second question, but here’s a really interesting video that explains the reason why countries traditionally didn’t use purple on their national flags.

The video is from After Skool Youtube channel. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Created by blogdeserena

B1 Listening Why Countries Don't Use Purple on their Flags

You are going to watch a video from After Skool.

Choose the correct option according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

1)No countries use purple on their flags because...

2) What does the audio say about Queen Elizabeth I?

3) What does the audio say about the origin of purple dye? 

4) Which people could wear purple? 

5) What didn't Aurelian allow his wife to do? 

6) What does the audio say about Perkins's discovery? 

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