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C1-C2 Mediation Hi! I’m moving to Spain

Now what?

  1. Watch the video and take down some notes.
  2. Have in mind that you’re sending an audio to a friend, so you should sound as if you were doing just that, meaning that you shouldn’t sound stiff and pedantic.
  3. Be aware of the importance of doing exactly what you have been asked to do. So, you haven’t been asked to lecture your friend, nor give her a reprimand and not even give her a recommendation. You’re just going to relay information in order to clarify a popular misconception related to learning languages and its negative effects on people.
  4. During a mediation task, you should use your own words as far as possible, even though there will aways be words that you cannot avoid using, but whatever you do, don’t give whole structures copied from the task sheet as that is not a C2.
  5. Organise your discourse in the same way as you would when addressing a friend. This actually means:
  • Say hello.
  • Mention the email so as to put the addreesee in context.
  • Mention what you learnt, organising the content logically.
  • Close your message appropriately.

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