Listening activity Upper intermediate C1: Katy Perry’s Roar

This song’s real fun! Makes you feel good and strong and ready for almost any of the daily battles we come across.

This song by Katy Perry is about overcoming a bad situation in life, may that be at work, in a romantic relationship or a challenge we had set ourselves and somehow failed to achieve. It is about a person who used to accept a situation, even though she was not happy about it, but one day,  felt tired of feeling this way and decided to face her problems and sort them out. I think it’s definitely a very motivational and inspiring song.

The video is quite funny and has used the cliché of Tarzan (King of the Jungle), but in a humerous way, representing the typical things Tarzan did ( like killing crocodiles or any other animal in sight), however, adapting them to the female role represented in the video.

Here I’ve used the video for the purpose of learning some expressions and idioms related to problems and relationships. I hope you enjoy it.

Created by blogdeserena

Learning English with songs Roar by Katy Perry

Listen and choose the best option (A,B or C) according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena


Listen to the song and choose the best option.

1. 'I used to hold my tongue' means ...

2. In 'Scared to rock the boat and make a mess, the idiom 'to rock the boat' means...

3. In 'I let you push me past the breaking point' the breaking point means...

4. In 'I stood for nothing so I fell for everything' fell for everything means...

5. When Katy Perry says 'You held me down but I got up', what do you think she means?


6. 'I got the eye of a tiger' means ...


7 'I earned my stripes' means ...


Your score is

The average score is 68%

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