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Jeff Lynne’s ELO When I Was a Boy

The song I have chosen here is  a song by Jeff Lynne ‘When I was a boy’ to learn how to speak about the past, the dreams and the hopes we had as children. As the lyrics say, the person singing says that as a boy all he really wanted to do was to pick up his guitar and play music. Money wasn’t important because there were other things that made him happy, like listening to the radio and dreaming about his future.

What dreams did you have when you were a child?

Created by blogdeserena

Learning English with songs When I Was a Boy by ELO

Listen and  fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb. You have the verb in brackets.

Activity by Serena

When I was a boy, I ____(have) dream
All about the things I'd like to be

Soon as I  was in my bed
Music _____ (play) inside my head
When I was a boy, I ---a dream

When I was a boy, I ______ (learn) to play
Far into the night and drift away
Don't want to work on the milk or the bread
Just want to play my guitar instead
When I was a boy, I --- a dream

And radio waves ____ (keep) me company

When there was no money

When I was a boy, I --- a dream

When I was a boy, I --- a dream
Finding out what life could really mean
Don't want a job 'cause it drives me crazy
Just wanna sing, do you love me, baby?
When I was a boy, I --- a dream


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