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Intermediate 2 Speaking practice ‘The Natural World’

Hello! Here is a little presentation to help brush up on the topic of the Natural World. The presentation was created by using Genially and wil help you remember the most important things we talked about when dealing with this topic. I hope to find some time to create some more presentations (uff! ūüė¶ ), but anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


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The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz


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Pahoa – Hawaii volcano eruption

Here’s a new listening activity for Basic and Intermediate levels.

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Deadly California wildfire forces thousands to evacuate

Listening to the news in English is a must for language learning, even if this means news such as the one I have prepared for this listening activity.

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Strange ‘wildfires’ in California

Horrified by the news of another wildfire in California, I set myself to prepare a listening activity for my students so they could get into the habit of watching news in English.¬† It was then, when I happened to ‘bump into’ some terrible facts that seem to make some of these fires different from the ones we are, unfortunately becoming more and more familiar with. Some of these fires don’t seem to behave like any other fire. The video is from The Watchman Reporter on Youtube, and I don’t agree on his theory about a divine intervention behind these fires, but I agree that the issues he mentions in his video, make one wonder if they have been caused by other means rather than accidents or arsonists. Watch the video and reach your own conclusion, as this may be true or not.

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Ten types of food you shouldn’t be eating

Here’s a video from Youtube that covers some of the contents related to food, nutrition and the natural environment.

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B2 Listening ‘Britain’s first food waste and poo-powered bus’

Topic:The Natural World

With the exhaustion of natural resources ¬†and the increase of environment problems, there comes a time when one wonders about how we will manage to commute to work (not to mention many other more important concerns). Solar panels, water-run and electronic ¬†cars are all interesting proposals but what ¬†really came as a surprise was this video on a bio-run transport system. This could really solve a lot of problems and not only those concerning energy…though I don’t find the pictures on the sides of the bus really amusing ( a bit too graphical). Anyway, the important issue here is what to do with our waste and save energy at the same time. Watch the video and try to answer the questions.

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