C1 · Listening

Listening: How do you become a marine biologist?

Rachel Butler, marine biologist and underwater film-maker speaks about how she chose a career that she was passionate about.

The video is from BBC Earth Unplugged.

B2 · C1 · Listening

Watching a video: The Panda who didn’t know she had twins

Giant panda
Featured image by Getty

Here’s a short video activity to help practise the listening skill for Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.

The news broadcast  BBC Earth.

C1 · Multiple choice cloze

Multiple choice cloze: The panda who didn’t know she had twins.

Here’s a multiple choice cloze for advanced levels based on news from BBC Earth.

B1 · speaking

Intermediate 2 Speaking practice ‘The Natural World’

Hello! Here is a little presentation to help brush up on the topic of the Natural World. The presentation was created by using Genially and wil help you remember the most important things we talked about when dealing with this topic. I hope to find some time to create some more presentations (uff! 😦 ), but anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


B1 · B2 · phrasal verbs · Vocabulary

The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz


A2 · B1 · Listening

Pahoa – Hawaii volcano eruption

Here’s a new listening activity for Basic and Intermediate levels.

B1 · Listening

Deadly California wildfire forces thousands to evacuate

Listening to the news in English is a must for language learning, even if this means news such as the one I have prepared for this listening activity.