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B2-C1-C2 Group names for animals

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Group nouns for animals can be a bit confusing as there are so many. What’s more, there doesn’t always seem to be a strict categorisation as we can apply the same word to different types of animals such as a group of whales that can be called a school, a pod or even a herd. Even looking for information on internet adds more challenges to learning these nouns, where we find hundreds of different ones depending on the English speaking country. In this quiz, I haven’t included some of the words I found on the internet, as many of them haven’t been included in dictionaries yet, and I didn’t want to add more distress to your already-tough-experience of coping with vocabulary for proficiency.

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C1-C2 Animal group quiz

Write the missing word

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A ... of parrots.

A ... of ducks.

A ... of owls.

A group of dogs or wolves is ...

A colony of cats is a ...

Groups of elephants can be a herd and a ...

A ... of jaguars.

Gorillas live in ...

An ... of ants.

A ... of sheep is the same as a herd of sheep.

A group of dolphins can be called a school, but also a ...

Apart from a flock of geese, we can also say ...

A ... of kangaroos.

A ... of crows.

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