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C1 Word formation activity ‘Discrimination’

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Use of English

WORD FORMATION Discrimination

Read the text and  fill the blanks with a form of the words in brackets.

Activity by Serena

Over 650 million people around the world live with 0) disabilities (ABLE). In every region of the world, in every country, people with disabilities often live on the margins of society, deprived of some of life’s fundamental experiences. They have little hope of going to school, getting a job, having their own home, creating a family and raising their children, 1).... (SOCIAL) or voting. These people make up the world’s largest and most 2) .... (ADVANTAGE) minority. The numbers, according to the UN handbook ““From Exclusion to Equality: Realizing the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, are damning: 20% of the world’s poorest people are with disabilities, 98% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school, around a third of the world’s street children live with disabilities, and the  3) ..... (LITERATURE) rate for adults with disabilities is as low as 3%, and 1% for women with disabilities in some countries. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the International Community's response to situation of discrimination, exclusion and 4) .... (HUMAN) of people with disabilities. Many countries have signed the Convention which became law in May 2008.  Among some of the aims of UN human rights office we will encounter issues such as, raising 5) .... (AWARE), understanding and the 6) .... (know) of disability as a human rights issue as well as mobilizing support for 7).... (DISCRIMINATE) measures such as legislation, policies and programmes.








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