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30 Personality adjectives for C2

Ok, it’s fine if you want to say that your best friend is a good guy, a nice guy, a great guy or even a cool guy, but where’s the vocabulary that you should be using for this level? Here’s a vocabulary activity with 30 different adjectives for you to grab and make part of your linguistic repertoire when speaking about people (actually some of them are even quite funny) 🙂

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Adjectives for personality

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to adjectives for personality.



Quiz by Serena

Being ashamed about something you have done.

Cheerful and full of energy.

Very easily shocked by things related to sex.

Extremely stupid and badly educated. 

Showing you do not care or are anxious about what you are doing.

Too interested in unpleasant things, especially related to death and disaster.

Unwilling to change your opinion about something or somebody in a way that is annoying.

Not willing to accept defeat, even in a difficult situation.

Thinking and behaving in the same way as the majority of people.

Never giving up or getting tired of doing something.

Refusing to obey someone in authority.

Having the ability to see or understand things quickly, especially those that are not obvious.

Having a weak caracter, not behaving in a responsable way.

Having very strict and moral attitudes.

Tending to argue and be in a bad mood, even aggressively. 

Morally bad.

Nervous and insecure about your appearance or what people think of you. 

Bad-tempered and often annoyed.

Not showing emotion or reaction towards things that happen. 

Not worried about other people's feelings or suffering.

Behaving in an unkind way in order to hurt somebody.

Not easily upset about things. 

A person who is weak and easily frightened.

Showing that you think you are more than other people, especially by using complex language structures and formal vocabulary. 

Full of hopes and dreams in an unrealistic way. 

Bad-tempered and not speaking.


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