A1 Open cloze ‘Holiday email’

Here’s an open cloze in an email format about holidays. You can do it lots of times until you become familiar with the format. Good luck!

Created by blogdeserena


OPEN CLOZE Our holidays

Read the text and  complete with ONE suitable word for each blank. 

Activity by Serena

Hi Mum and Dad!

How are you? David and 0)are fine. We’re in Majorca at Hotel Bellavista. ­­It’s 1) ... beautiful hotel with a swimming pool and a lovely garden. The hotel also has a tennis court and places to 2) ...sport. Our bedroom isn’t very big, 3)... it has a bathroom and a balcony. Near the hotel 4)...are lots of places to go out and have fun. There is a big and beautiful beach and lots of restaurants and places to rent bicycles.

Every day we get 5)...at about nine o’clock and we have breakfast. After, we 6)... tennis or  swim in the pool. At about one we 7)... lunch at the hotel. At four o’clock we go to the beach and in the evening we go  to a restaurant or a café and meet people. This picture is 8)...new friend, Miquela.  Miquela is 9) ...Majorca. She works at the hotel. 

Write to you 10).... Wednesday to tell you more things about our holiday.

Love Sally XXX











2 thoughts on “A1 Open cloze ‘Holiday email’

  1. You are so right, Óscar. My A1s mentioned this the other day, but I hadn’t got round to activating the key button. I’ll do it right now. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi, Serenna,
    the problem with this kind of exercises is that sometimes you can’t correct it 100%, because there aren’t the correct answers, so you can’t received feedback from it. You can’t know if it is a spelling mistake or that you need to try with a different word, in every case.
    My best regards

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