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A1/A1 Open Cloze ‘A person I admire’

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I admire many, many people. Some for their bravery, some for their talent, honesty and intelligence… A long list of names comes to my mind when I think of them. It’s so difficult to choose. As I asked my students to write a short composition about a person they admire, here’s an example. Why Chris Cornell? Well…why not? I listen to his music very often; when I drive to work or when I go running… Chris Cornell is no longer among us physically, but his music will always be there.

2 thoughts on “A1/A1 Open Cloze ‘A person I admire’

  1. Yes, indeed. The learning of Chester Bennington’s suicide was shocking. I remember then that in about two years many of my favourite musicians left us Scott Weiland and Layne Staley were among them. This makes you wonder about the workings of human mind, so capable of creating beautiful and poignant music, but can also push a person to the abyss of destruction. So, so sad!
    Hugs to you Óscar! Keep well and safe.


  2. I remember all that, when the singer of ‘Linkin Park’ made the same as his friend (the singer of ‘Soundgarden’) had made two months before. It was terrible! My best regards for you, Serena. A hug! Óscar

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