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C1/C2 Medical professions

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C1/C2 VOCABULARY QUIZ Medical Professions

Choose the correct option or write the word

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A person whose job is to check people's sight and recommend treatment or glasses if they need them.

Physician that specializes and devotes her/his career to mental health and its associated mental and physical ramifications

A person whose job is to study and treat muscles, joints, bone problems & disease is a/an...

What does an homeopath do?



A person whose job is to help women give birth

A nurse who visits patients in their homes.

a/an ... nurse

What is the name for a doctor that treats children's illnesses?

What does GP stand for?

a doctor who treats and studies heart problems

This doctor cares for the health and care for the male and female urinary tract.


What do chiropodist treat?

The medical profession that involves treating a person's body by pressing and moving their bones and joints.

A person who treats eye diseases

What do dermatologist treat?

A person who treats bone and muscle problems by pressing and moving joints and muscles.

A physician who treats hereditary disorders and diagnoses diseases that are caused by genetic defects. 2 words

Where will an outpatient stay after treatment?

A person who assesses people on how to eat in order to be healthy is a ...


A student of medicine, who has almost finished the training period and works at a hospital for practical experience. 

What does a physiotherapist treat?

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