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B2 Vocabulary for speaking about work

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What do you do for a living? What’s your work like? Is it challenging or tedious? Do you consider that your job is well paid or is it badly paid? What’s important for you at work, wages, the working environment or the promotion prospects? Would you like to set up your own business? In this vocabulary activity, you ‘re going to see words that are commonly used to describe different aspects of this topic such as: payment, time and describing the job you do. Don’t forget to subscribe and/ or leave a like if you found the activity useful.

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Vocabulary quiz Speaking about your job

Read the sentences and choose one word from the options.

Activity by Serena

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Workers that are ______ are more likely to lose their jobs when companies cut down on staff.

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I'm tired of temporary jobs. I'd like to find a  _______ job for a change.

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I love taking care of the elderly. It's so ________ to see them cheerful and full of energy.

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She resigned because she felt that she deserved a more_______ job as she has a degree in physics

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Being a teacher can be very _______ when students don't want to pay attention in class.

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I've got a really _______ job. I'm a designer.

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I wanted to apply for the _______ job at the summer camp. It's only because I need some pocket money.

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The company only hired me for Christmas, so it's only a ________ job.

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I have a  ________ job. I think I'm really lucky.

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One reason why people are happy in the UK is that parents can work ________ so they can organise their schedule for their children. This doesn't happen in Spain.

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The company never pays ________ so the workers don't want to work more than their normal timetable.

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Sorry I can't come to your party. I'll be on a night ______ at the hospital.

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We always have a short _____ at one for a snack.

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stressed male office worker

The average ______ is $39,000 a year.

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I always get my _____ on Fridays.

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I need to work in order to _______ a living.

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Her job is a major source of _____for her family.

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The ________include free health insurance.

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The company offers an extra________for Christmas.

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moneyIt's not what I'd call an interesting offer, but it's a _______job.

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  1. The workers started a protest because their work had been _____for over three months.

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  1. Jeni works on Sundays for a _____ organization that provides help for the elderly.

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