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B1/B2 Vocabulary quiz People at the workplace

Created by blogdeserena

People at the workplace

Learn vocabulary related to workmates and not so 'mates'

Activity by Serena

A person or group that you compete against

A synonym for workmate

A group of people who work together on a project or in a sport.

Which of the words below doesn't belong to the group?

A group of actors, dancers, or singers who work together.

A large number of people, organizations etc that know and help each other, or work together.

All the people that work together on a ship, plane etc.

What's the meaning for the word personnel?



What's the meaning of the word clientele?

All the people who work in a country or company.


(write the full word below)

If you are new in a job and your employer introduces you to his or her partner, what isĀ  the most probable role of this person at the company?




When someone is a member of a group or organization they form a/an ...

All the workers in an organisation.


(write the word below)

The people in an organization who have the power to make decisions

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