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Styles of music quiz

Image by Rajesh Kavasseri on Unsplash

What’s your favourite style of music? Do you listen to different styles according to your mood? Do you find any particular music uplifting or disturbing? Can you play an instrument? What’s your favourite group or who’s your favourite musician? Have you heard anything good recently? Do you spend a lot of time listening to music? And if you do, where do you get this music from? In this quiz, you’ll find vocabulary for styles of music for intermediate levels (B1 and B2).

I used this quiz last year with my B2.1 groups, and it was sort of fun to do a quiz where students were in teams and had to vote for their answer. But now I thinks it’s got a WOW component because I’ve added audio files (so much better!!!!!). If you do the quiz, you’ll notice that the pictures do not necessarily represent the type of music, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a picture you can use or the picture that you find is not really informative. Anyway, I’m posting this quiz again, because I’d really like somebody to give it a try and let me know if they enjoyed it now there are files available on the quiz.

Created by blogdeserena

B2 Styles of music quiz

Learn vocabulary related to music

Read the question and play the audio file.

The picture will not always be the band or musician that you hear in the audio file.

Activity by Serena

What type of music is this?            

credits for audio files

Blues: Slightly Hung Over by Blues Delight. Classical: Madam Butterfly, Puccini. Country: I'm sorry, I couldn't find the name (That's not the name of the song). Disco: I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Scissor Sisters (How dare they write such a danceable song!) Gospel: Howard Gospel Choir. Heavy Metal:Ides Of March by Iron Maiden(the very best Heavy band ever! Mark my words! Hip Hop: Out Of Control, Snoop Dogg. House: Don't Walk Away by Robert Cristian. Jazz: Moon & Sand by Chet Baker (Miles Davis said he was so good, he couldn't be white :-)). Opera: Puccini, Maria Callas performing Madam Butterfly (and if it doesn't put you on the brink of tears, there might be something wrong with you). . Pop: Lovely, a Billie eilish cover by Turnthesystemoffnow (of whom I'm SO pround). Punk: The Clash, London Calling (the birth of this movement and Boy doesn't it make me feel a bit homesick!!!). Rap: Mil Vidas by Nach (amazing lyrics by an amazing poet!). Reggae: Blue Jeans by Natty Bong (sorry about not posting a photo of her, there was no way I could get it without breaking a law). Rock 'n' Roll: Chuck Berry, Roll Over Beethoven. Soul: A Million Signs by Vividry.


I'll have to ask you a question  or I won't be able to post the credits 😀

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