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Idioms related to books or pages

If you find yourself in somebody’s good books, you’re lucky and thankfully, they won’t throw the books at you. But maybe it’s just because you always go by the book or even took a leaf out of somebody else’s book at work. Before you get all bookish trying to figure out what I’m on about, why don’t you try doing this fun quiz with 12 idiomatic expressions related to books or pages? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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C1-C2 Idioms related to books

In this quiz you will have 10 idioms. Decide what they mean. You have two options to choose from.

Good luck!!!

When would you say that somebody is an open book?

What's the meaning for to take a leaf out of somebody’s book? 

When would somebody say 'In my book ...'? 

What’s the meaning for throw a book at somebody

What's the meaning for read somebody like a book?

If somebody cooked the books they…

When would you say that something jumps off the page?

If somebody uses or knows every trick in the book,... 

Don’t  judge a book by its cover is used to say ... 

If you’re in somebody’s good books, you 

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