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B2 Flipping cards for shows and entertainment

As we’re covering the topic of entertainment, as usual I’ve created a wordcloud and a flipping card activity. I know I may seem a bit boring as I’m always posting some flipping card or something similar. But the thing is that I can’t help it because these cards are so versatile offering me such a huge amount of different possibilities. And apart from this, my students also know how to find them whenever they need to refresh their memory on vocabulary for the different topics that they might have to speak about.

 An occasion where there are performances of many films or music. 


We had to ____ for over an hour to get tickets. (line up)

queue up/queue

The ____ to the museum is free.


The Spectators ____ him wildly. His performance had been great!


The number of people who attend an event, such as a meeting, concert etc.


 A place in the theatre, concert hall,  where you buy tickets.

box office

If a concert, film etc is ____, all the tickets have been sold.

sold out

A decision not to carry out an activity that had been planned.


 An advertisement for a film or television programme that shows short parts from it. CLUE: begins with p.


The sound people make when they do not like a performance, a person or an idea.


What's the word for when we don't have to buy a ticket to watch a show?

free admission

A short part of a film or television programme,  shown to advertise it. CLUE: begins with t.


What's the name for the platform on which actors perform in a theatre?


What's the name for the sound people make with their hands at the end of a show?


The audience stood up and gave the opera singer a round of .....


A line of seats in the theatre, Cinema etc.

a row

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