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B2 Flipping cards quiz with styles of music

I posted this quiz a couple of years ago, but very frequently, one notices that the activity flops and needs some type of upgrading. That’s just what happened the other day when I used it as a lead-in to talk about entertainment and going out. I could see my little group of students giggling and so I thought “Oh of course Serena! This activity is far too easy for these guys.” And then I started to feel like a real silly billy.

I’ve left the other post just as it is and I’ve made this one a little (just a little) more challenging. I’m also uploading a wordcloud I made on; which is amazing!

You can download the wordcloud if you feel like it although I stuck my logo on it, as a reminder to come back some day to my blog.

What type of music is this?            


rock 'n' roll



heavy metal

credits for audio files

Blues: Slightly Hung Over by Blues Delight. Classical: Madam Butterfly, Puccini. Country: I'm sorry, I couldn't find the name (That's not the name of the song). Disco: I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Scissor Sisters (How dare they write such a danceable song!) Gospel: Howard Gospel Choir. Heavy Metal:Ides Of March by Iron Maiden(the very best Heavy band ever! Mark my words! Hip Hop: Out Of Control, Snoop Dogg. House: Don't Walk Away by Robert Cristian. Jazz: Moon & Sand by Chet Baker (Miles Davis said he was so good, he couldn't be white :-)). Opera: Puccini, Maria Callas performing Madam Butterfly (and if it doesn't put you on the brink of tears, there might be something wrong with you). . Pop: Lovely, a Billie eilish cover by Turnthesystemoffnow (of whom I'm SO pround). Punk: The Clash, London Calling (the birth of this movement and Boy doesn't it make me feel a bit homesick!!!). Rap: Mil Vidas by Nach (amazing lyrics by an amazing poet!). Reggae: Blue Jeans by Natty Bong (sorry about not posting a photo of her, there was no way I could get it without breaking a law). Rock 'n' Roll: Chuck Berry, Roll Over Beethoven. Soul: A Million Signs by Vividry.


I'll have to ask you a question  or I won't be able to post the credits 😀

Was it fun!

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