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Harry Potter-based quiz: verbs with infinitive forms and -ing

From Gifer

Right! Time to roll our sleeves up and learn something about verb patterns! Well actually, one never
leaves this until death and does some work on verb patterns  during the year, but the truth is, few students pay too much attention to this aspect of the English language. Anyway, we’re working on it right now, so, here’s an opportunity to do some grammar. Here you have a short grammar quiz where I’ve used gifs from the Harry Potter saga. In the near future, I’ll be posting some other quizzes, but for the time being, this is more than enough.

Created by blogdeserena

Quiz 1 Verbs with infinitives or -ing forms

Here's a short quiz for you to practise your infinitive or -ing verb forms.

Activity by Serena

I just can't stand _____to reggaeton.

..... how to dance is really cool!

He spent all day ......

I think you should give up .....

Sorry but I'd rather ..... by plane.

We can't afford ...... tonight.

He denied ..... to murder Harry.

Why did you decide .....?

She agreed .... some vegan hamburgers.

I don't mind .... to the dentist.


Mum made me ..... all weekend.

Bye! Don't forget .... us a postcard.

.... a book is much more interesting than .... movies.

I don't really enjoy ..... to the opera.

Bye for now! I really look forward .....you again.

I really hate...... early.

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