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B2 Speaking practice Going out

I’m so excited! I’m trying out a new programme that will come in handy to create all types of activities for… whatever I will end up doing this year 🙁 Anyway, I won’t allow the worst side of myself to spoil the fun of posting this short speaking activity video that I have just set up.

This video is a “very lively” speaking practice activity that deals with the topic of entertainment. However, instead of jumbling in all the types of questions that we could work on within this topic (which could be hundreds and hundreds), I’ve only focused on going out, and especially on going out at night. So, there will obviously be more videos on this topic in the future, but first, I’d like to know how this one goes. So please let me know 😉

I know that it’s far too fast-paced for you to be able to cope with each one of the ten questions, but the idea is to watch the video first to get an idea of the content and afterwards, pause at each question.

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