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C2 Listening and speaking: How to escape education’s death valley

If you happen to be a teacher, a parent or a student, you will have very probably spent a great deal of time thinking and speaking about school and education. You will also have probably wondered what schools are for and if they actually work at all. Astonishing as it may seem, you will also…… Continue reading C2 Listening and speaking: How to escape education’s death valley

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C1/C2 Adjectives for describing bodies

WE HAVE DEEP ROOTS IN THE GREENWOOD ” I fear those grey, old men of Mocca’s Park,” Wrote Francis Kilvert, the Victorian diarist. “Those grey, gnarled, low-browed, knock-kneed, bowed, bent, huge, strange, long-armed, deformed, hunch-backed, misshapen oak men that stand waiting and watching century after century.” When it comes to describing something or somebody, it…… Continue reading C1/C2 Adjectives for describing bodies

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C1/C2 Rain idioms and expressions

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com We all know the one about ‘raining cats and dogs’ but what about ‘to rain on somebody’s parade’ or ‘to give something a rain check’? In the link below you’re bound to learn at least one more of the many British idioms. Go on! Give it a try!

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C1/C2 Idioms with Head

Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com If somebody has difficulties to keep their heads above water, are they drowning? And what’s happening to your friend when after having some success in life, it went to his head? Your neighbour seems to have finally found her soulmate and is now head over heels, but you met…… Continue reading C1/C2 Idioms with Head