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C1-C2 Bad habit vocabulary crossword

Scene from the Body Snatchers (1978)

The picture is from the final scene of the 70s version of The Body Snatchers and one of those really disturbing movies that sort of scares me out of my wits. I couldn’t help using the picture for this post because I somehow feel that many smokers must feel this way as they see themselves gradually cornered into kicking the habit. It’s a wonder that smokers still exist as many are almost made to feel that they are commiting a crime against humanity everytime they put a butt between their lips. Obviously, we all know how bad tobacco is and that public health expenditure could be used in other ways, but I also feel that some non-smokers go a wee bit beyond the limit when they expect, for instance, a host to stub out a cigarette in their own home or when a neighbour asks somebody stop smoking in their OWN patio because somehow some naughty, mischevious smoke floated up two floors and then made an agressive dip back to ground level invading somebody’s kitchen. Amazing what some tobacco brands can do!

In this activity, you’ll find a crossword for some words related to ‘bad’ habits. Before you do the crossword take a look at the wordcloud as these are the words that you’ll have to use for the crossword. But if you reckon your quite smart, then you might want to try doing the crossword without having a peep at the wordcloud.

1. slightly drunk
2. of a drug that makes you want to sleep
3. connected with drugs that cause hallucinations
4. to smoke a cigarette
5. too much of a drug taken at the same time
6. the state of being drunk
7. the headache you have the day after drinking too much alcohol
8. not affected by alcohol
9. the part of a cigarette that remains after it's been smoked
10. a short period of time when somebody does too much of an activity,like drinking or eating
11. not allowing yourself something, especially alcoholic drinks
12. needing something that is bad for you, especially a drug
13. a state in which you are unable to think, hear, etc. clearly
14. symptoms a person has after quitting a habit
15. a person who drinks too much alcohol
16. another word for drunk
17. a person who does not drink alcohol, 1st letter t
18. an informal word for cigarette
19. to put a cigarette out
20. to suck vapour from an electronic cigarette

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