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Listening B2 Banksy is Back

Game Changer by Banksy
  • Do you know who Banksy is? What do you know about this artist?
  • What do you think about graffiti? Do you think it is an art or an act of vandalism?
  • Are there laws against graffiti in your country?
  • The artist we are going to speak about is a street artist. What do you know about street artists? Do you think this is a serious career or is it a mean of support for unemployed people in your country?

Here’s a listening activity on this very well-known street artist.

The level of the test is a B2 (upper Intermediate) although the topic could well belong to higher levels, so I would highly recommend watching the video even if you will probably find the activity undemanding if you are in an advanced level of English.

Created by blogdeserena

Banksy is Back!

You are going to watch a video about a famous graffity artist. One of the most amazing features related to this artist is that despite being famous all around the world, nobody knows who he or she is.

Watch and choose the options according to what you hear.

Video from CNN News

Activity by Serena

Banksy is back! 

1.Where is the Banksy exhibition being held?

2. Are there other exibits on display?

What hidden item does the reporter find surprising?

4. In another room, installations and comment on animal _________________.

5.Apart from a hen's newborn ________, you can also see a rabbit putting on make-up.

6. Banksy says that if you paint chimpanzees you will be called a guerilla ________.

7. At the exhibition, Banksy discusses what cultures are celebrated and which ones are ignored.


8. Some of Banksy's pieces on display are for sale.

9.The interviewee believes that Banksy isn't part of the mainstream artists yet.

10. Before the exhibition, Banksy's identity was revealed.

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