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B1 Infinitives, to infinitives or -ing?

Hello. Here’s a video I created with Bitable that gives some tips on this grammar content. I hope you find it  helpful.

Created with Bitable
Created by blogdeserena

B1 to infinitives, infinitives or -ing

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

I remembered _____ my daughter a story before she went to sleep. 

A last! I've just finished__________the flat. 

I don't mind ___________ but I really hate ironing. 

I don't enjoy________to work very much. 

She wants _______on holiday to Spain this summer. 

 She's really good at _______problems. 

I stopped ________ so I am healthier now. 

Did you remember ________the lights off before leaving the house. 

I really hope _________well at tomorrow's job interview. 

They would rather ______a advertisement for the post on the website. 

They plan __________ some more staff for the summer. 

I stopped work _______a coffee and a chat with my colleague. 

Do you like_____early on Mondays? (Do you enjoy it?)

They promised ___________ me a refund. 

 I hope __________a temporary job for the summer. 

I remember ________my keys on the table, but now I can't find them anywhere. 

The problem with Michael is that he hates__________risks.

 He thinks it is not worth _____for this job because of the low wages. 

He wasted all his time_____video games.

_______sport is the best way to get rid of stress.

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