Phrasal verbs with ‘keep’


In this post you have a quiz with some of the most common phrasal verbs with keep for intermediate learners of English.

Created by blogdeserena

Phrasal verbs with KEEP

Choose the correct option.

Quiz by Serena

Despite being ill, he managed to keep ______ with his classmates. (stay at the same level as others)

The teacher kept us _____for misbehaving. (not allow out)

Despite the distances, they managed to keep ______touch. (not lose contact)

Keep your greasy hands _______ that painting! . (don't touch)

Dad told us to keep ____ of trouble, so don't pick a fight on your classmate.

Please keep your dog _____ from me! I'm scared of dogs.

I really can't keep ____with all the news. (follow)

The students were kept________. (made to stay at school for punishment)

I'm trying to keep _______junk food. (avoid)

Come on! Keep _____ the good work! You're doing well.

Keep _____ from the walls. They have just been painted. (don't go near)

They had to keep ______from school because of their illness. (be excluded)

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