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Listening Upper Intermediate B2: 26 Psychological Facts You Didn’t Know

Hi here’s a new listening sentence completion activity for extra practice.

Created by blogdeserena

Listening Intermediate 26 Psychology facts you didn't know

Listen and write the missing word according to what you hear

Video from the Bright side

1. Friendships that start between 16 and 28 tend to be stronger and ...

2. Women generally prefer men with husky voices because they seem less ...

3. According to this one, the more intelligent a person is, the ... his or her handwriting is.

4. Our ... is affectd by how we communicate.

5. We can get a lot of information about a person by how he treats the ... at a restaurant.

6. People with a sense of ... are better at understanding people's feelings.

7. Men tell more ... than women.

8. ... people tend to speak less about themselves.

9. Women have higher .... to pain than men.

10. When we listen to high frequency music, we feel more ...

11. If you write down your ... you can set your mind at ease.

12. The part of your brain that makes you happy can be activated through certain ...

13. Doing things that scare you will make you ...

14. Women keep secrets for an average of ... hours and 14 minutes.

16. If we are happy, we need less ...

17. We feel better if we hold the hand of our ...

18. Intelligent people tend to be more ... when choosing friends.

19. Marriages among best friends tend to last a ...

20. Number twenty: The people that have the most problems are on many occasions the ones that give very good ...

21. Having more ... friends contributes to some women being in a better mood.

22. ... people may change their personalities unconsciously when speaking a different language.

23. Being by yourself for a long time can be as bad for your ... as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

24. When people talk about things they find interesting, they look more  ...

26. One sign of ... between people that are talking to each other is to move their feet in opposite directions.

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