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Vocabulary: The Eco-friendly Vocabulary Quiz


Here you have an enoooormous vocabulary quiz that covers almost all the expressions related to the environment -and looking after it- that you should be familiar with for a B2 level and use quite well in a C1. It’s a very long quiz with over 40 questions, so it’s better to do it when you’re relaxed and not pressed for time.

Created by blogdeserena

The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to the environment and looking after it


Quiz by Serena

The places that produce energy by the use of windmills are called...

We are going to change the old light bulbs for __ones.

Many marine species have already died __due to overfishing.

A substance that doesn't contain a product that can harm the ozone is called...

If an animal or a plant no longer exists it has become ...

The whole country is suffering a severe __due to the lack of rain.

What do you do to _____electricity?

Humans are too ready to wipe ___ species without calculating the costs this will have in the near future.

Pollution in large cities can cause health...

We recycle all our rubbish by putting it in recycling...

Lions are among many of the __species.

A noun that refers to the series of organisms each dependent on the other for food.

Human action happens to be the biggest __ to the environment.

Which one of these words IS NOT caused by human actions?

Governments should promote the use of ___energy instead of placing taxes on people for using solar panels.

The Amazon rainforest has gone through a process of ...

Pollution will eventually have a very negative _on our lives.

The three Rs refer to...

The word for the mixture of fog and smoke is ...

A person who works for an organisation because they want to help and they are not paid for this is a/an...

What is the word for when massive amounts of earth move downwards due to heavy rains?

An animal that is hunted for food.

People should get hefty fines for ___ the streets.

A person who works looking after the environment is called...

The fumes that come out of vehicles are called ...

Using public transport instead __driving your own car, can reduce pollution.

An animal that hunts another for food is called ...

The word for the disposal of material by burying it is ...

We should bear in mind how we ___of plastic bags if we want to reduce the amount of plastic that is reaching the oceans.

Next month we are going to get our home __in order to reduce electricity bills.

Many people don't realise the importance __recycling.

We've installed solar _on our roof.

We have to do our best to reduce our carbon...

The general word for places where living organisms exist is ...?

Which one of these phrases CAN NOT be caused by human actions?

Our neighbours have changed their windows. Now they have got __in the whole house.

We should seriously consider cutting __ on the rubbish we create.

On many occasions the __caused to the environment is irreversible.

Another way in which we can save energy is by __the lights off the when leaving a room.

I always share my car with other work colleagues. What is known as ...

What's the word for the environment disaster that happens when a ship empties its oil into the sea?

This happens when dust particles, gases, fumes and chemicals enter the atmosphere.

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