Listening Intermediate B1 : The Top Ten Safest Places in the World

Created by blogdeserena

Listening What's the safest place on earth

You are going to watch a video from RealLifeLore. Choose the correct option according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

1.Which of the following options IS NOT correct?

2. Concerning life expectancy, where do women live longer?

3.What does the video say about Japan?

4.Which is the country where people are less likely to suffer a natural disaster?

5.Scandinavian countries are the happiest because...

6.Canada, New Zealand and Australia ...

7. In Caribbean countries...

8.Which of these statements IS NOT true concerning Iceland?

9.What does the video say about places such as: Switzerland, Spain and Monaco?

10. eeemm! Sorry guys. This one is related to brands. Why did the speaker get a Casper mattress?

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