A2 Vocabulary quiz for places

Hello! Here’s a quiz on vocabulary for places in cities, towns and the countryside for basic students of English.

Created by blogdeserena

Vocabulary activity for towns, cities and the countryside

Write the missing word.

Activity by Serena

The place where airplanes land and take off is called an ... (begins with a)

You can see a lot of paintings in these places. They are called ... . (beginning with g)

My mother lives near the ... (begins with b)

If you go to watch a football match you can either watch it on TV or go to a football...(s)

My brother lives in a block of ... . (beginning with f

Trains travel very quickly through tunnels that go under cities. This is an ...

What's the word for this type of building? A  (w_ _ _ _ _ _ _ )

Sorry! I'm in a hurry because I need to get to the ...  to buy some food for my dog before it closes. (two words beginning with p and s)

This afternoon I want to go to ... the  to buy a novel for my girlfriend. ( beginning with b)

It's a place where a DJ plays loud music and people dance and have a good time. It's called a ... (begins with d)

Children go there to learn. It's a ...

The people that live next to your house are called ... . (begins with n)

My grandparents have a lovely ... in their garden. It's full of fish and water lily (begins with p)

This morning I went to the ... to get a bunch of flowers. (begins with f and has 's at the end)


The building for a fire brigade is called ... (two words beginning with f and s

Outside the shopping mall you can leave your car in the .... (two words beginning with c and p)

You stop here to put petrol in your vehicle. It a ... (2 words)

There is a big extension of water, but it isn't the sea. This is a... . (begins with l)


People go there to get fit. It's a . ...(a three-letter word)

 can't go to your party because my grandmother is in ... . (beginning with h)

Where I live there are a lot of .... (has 9 letters and begins with f)

Tomorrow I'm going to the .... (a place where you can keep your money

You can see very ancient objects in this place and it isn't a second-hand store. It's a ...

You can breathe fresh air and relax without hearing any traffic. It's the .... (11 letters)


There are a lot of big ... of flats in my town. (begins with b)

If you go to the ... you can borrow a book, but you have to take it back. (begins with l)

They are built so people can cross rivers. This one is called London ....


No, it's not a park and you need a golf club and a lot of balls to go there. It's a golf .... (begins with c)

This weekend I'm going to the ... (begins with a c)

Near my house there is a ....  (two words beginning with t and s

During the weekend, I usually go shopping to a... . (two words beginning with s and c)

When I was a child, I lived in a ...  (a small country house

Tom called. He is still waiting at the .... (two words beginning with b and s)

When we visited Germany, we saw a lot of very old .... (a very big building where powerful people lived in the past beginning with c)

This building is very big and is built with luxury materials. Kings, queens and members of royal families usually live in these places. It is a ... (p)

Please! I need to get to the ...(2 words p and s)

One of the things i like about London is the amount of beautiful, green ... that it has. You can forget that you live in a big city.

It isn't a city or a village. It's busy and there are a lot of houses and shops there. It is called a ...(beginning with t)

I love going on excursions to some .... (begins with f)


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