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Future forms with ‘will’

Hi! As promised, here is some extra practise for the new future forms we’ve seen this week. That is:

  • future progressive for the prediction of an action in progress
  • future perfect for the prediction of a completed action in the future
  • future perfect progressive for the prediction of an action that will be in progress in the future.
Created by blogdeserena

future progressive - future perfect - future perfect progressive

Complete the sentence with the correct form (Please don't write using contractions so you get the point for the correct answer)

Activity by Serena

By this time tomorrow, Jane ... in Morocco. Lucky her! (be)

By 2030, people ... mobile phones for more than thirty years. (use)

I've been at the EOI for two years. By the time I reach C2 level, I will ... English for seven years. (learn)

By the time I reach 23 I .... . (graduate)

Next week I'm going on a trip to the coast so, by this time next week I .... on a sandy beach. (lie)

I told my boss to not worry because I'm sure that by next week, I ... this report. (finish)

In January, we will ... in this house for ten years. (live)

The company builds two houses a year. In two years they ... four more houses. (build)

Oh! My boss has just called. There's a staff member that has fallen ill. I'm afraid I.... away until next month. (go)

I don't think John can answer your call right now. He ... home so he can't take your call. (drive)

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