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C1/C2 Flipping farming vocabulary quiz!

Read the description, choose from the options and flip to see if you were right.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Vocabulary quiz for farming

Choose the best option.

Activity by Serena

A plant grown for selling rather than for used by the person that grows it.

The person or business that sells goods to the public.

to become gradually less or smaller.

What suffix do we use to mean something 'carried by' when speaking for example about the origen of a disease?

An adjective that means happening very quickly without being able to stop it.

____ manure

To eat grass that is growing in a field.

Any disease that kills crops.

Which of the following words means to produce something?

A person who owns or rents small plots of land for farming.

Which word means to include a wide variety of options?

The period of time when the land is not used for growing crops, usually to improve the quality of the land?

What's the general word for the animals keept on a farm?

What's the word for the number of different kinds of animals and plants which make a balanced environment?

____ grain

vertical farming is catching ____

A word that means that cannot be defended against criticism.

The power not to be affected by something.

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