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Vocabulary quiz for illness and medical condition

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Is it pandemic, plague or epidemic? What’s the word for when I come out covered in rashes? Here’s a vocabulary quiz with some of the most Cish words I’ve found to help make learning vocabulary fun and above all, easy to brush up when needing to refresh our memory for certain words.

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C1-C2 Vocabulary quiz for illness and medical condition

Read and choose the best option.

4. An illness that is not serious.

14. Referring to the unpleasant mental and physical effects that a person may have when they stop taking a drug that they were dependent on.

18. An additional effect that a drug has on your body as well as treating illness or pain is called...

25. If you feel woozy you feel ...

11. An illness that usually affects children causing a painful swelling in the neck.

10. What does the term 'congenital' mean?

3.Referring to an illness that is passed down from parents to children before they are born.

24. To throw up is to...

7.A disease that spreads over a whole country or the whole world.

15. Phrasal verb meaning to become less drunk, or to make someone become less drunk.

A coffee will soon sober him _____.

16. To go cold turkey means ...

2. Affected or caused by cancer.

________ growth.

1.He's been avoiding me like...

8. To protect a person or an animal from catching an illness by injecting them with a mild form of the disease.

12.What's the missing word for the sentence below meaning that it can cause cancer?

Extracts from both petrol and diesel exhausts contain _______.

5.Something that makes something dirty.

21. An endemic disease or problem will...

9.What does noxious mean?

6. The spreading of a disease by touching each other.

23. If a person is constipated they...

13. Something that causes disease in your body.

Not every ______will respond instantly to events.

19.Seriously and likely to cause great pain.

He was ______ wounded by the car accident.

22. A systemic disease...

17.A teetotaller is somebody who...

20. An illness that cannot be controlled and will cause death.

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