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Health idioms

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If you kick the bucket or feel that you’re at death’s door, you’re obviously feeling quite rotten, but how rotten do you actually feel? On the button below you’ll find some idioms related to health. Don’t forget to hit the like button or suscribe if you found the activity fun!

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Health idioms

Here you have a quiz with idioms and expressions related to health.

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Quiz by Serena

This idiom means to hardly be able to stand because of an illness, fear or emotion.

This idiom refers to a situation where a person is unlikely to live much longer.

This idiom means to have completely recovered from an illness or a difficult time.

This idiom is used humorously meaning this will only happen after you are dead.

If somebody does this, they have died. (informal and humorous)

This idiom means to make a great effort to stay alive.

This idiom means to be improving from an illness.

If somebody is described as this, it means they are healthy and full of energy.

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