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C1-C2 Listening Interview Donald Williamson on Sin Tax effectiveness

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First came taxes on tobacco, then on hard drinks. Okay, for our own good I’ll buy it. Then came taxes on sugary foods, as if this would save people from: eating disorders, weight problems, diabetes. You name it! Meanwhile, more and more ads appear on TV whetting appetites, offering food rewards and at the same time, claiming their share of our stomachs.

But what’s Donald Williamson’s opinion on this matter? Do taxes really serve as a deterrent? Will “offenders” be willing to swap a bar of chocolate for a kilo of carrots and a soda for an orange squash all in the name of household economy?

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C2 Listening Sin Tax

You are going to hear an interview about sin tax. Choose the correct answer according to what you hear.
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1.Professor Donald Williamsons’ stance on the effectiveness of sin tax in Mexico is that...

2. Williamson states that as a palliative to the extra money people pay...

3. Concerning the history of excise tax in the United States,  professor Williamson claims that ...

4.According the Williamson, people's reaction to increases in taxes is…

5. The greatest challenge in applying sin tax is…

6.What seems to be the most effective way to change people's behavior, according to Williamson?

7.As an example of a beneficial effect of sin tax,  Professor Williamson mentions...

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