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Flipping cards Vocabulary for The Press & Media

Image from the Daily Mail

Before flipping the cards, you may want to take a peep at the wordcloud that you’ll find linked to the button. Thanks Cristina, I love it!!!!

Guess the word and turn over the cards to see if you got it right.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Vocabulary quiz for the press

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to the press and the people that work in this area.

Choose the best option. 


Quiz by Serena

Relating to the pictures or photos that are prepared for books, magazines or newspapers.

Let me know when you think the _______will be ready.

An article of somebody's life and achievements published soon after they have died.

An_______ will appear in a future issue of this journal.

A part or a newspaper or magazine in which someone gives advice to readers who have written to them about a personal problem.

A small advertisment that people put in a paper to find a lover or meet people.


An article or advertisement in a newspaper or magazine that usually covers more than one page.

The article continued with a double-page______ on the next pages.

Relating to newspapers that have small pages, a lot of pictures and mainly, a lot of gossip.A ________

An article that has been cut out or a newspaper or a magazine.

She had stored all the ______about the case.

The number of people that read a particular newspaper or magazine.

In its new format the magazine hopes to hold a wider _________.

An article in a newspaper that expresses the editor's opinion on a subject.
All the papers deal with the same subject in their _______ 

The words written under or above a picture in a book or a newspaper is called a _____.

Appearing once every two months or twice each month.

A________ newsletter.

A writer who does a lot of low quality work in newspapers or magazines.


A person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine, etc., and decides what should be included.

A report sent to a newspaper from a journalist who is in another country.

Yet another_________from the war zone was sent by him.

A monthly or weekly printed issue that come with a shiny cover. A _________

The part of a magazine or newspaper that you can take out and read separately.

Last month's issue came with a colourful

A newspaper usually printed on large papers that are considered more serious than smaller papers. A _________

One of the several parts of a story that is published or shown at different times.

The story finally ended after 200 ________

4 thoughts on “Flipping cards Vocabulary for The Press & Media

  1. Thank you so much, Cristina! I’m so happy that the activity worked well and any suggestions for vocabulary games are more than welcome.
    A lot of the stuff I place on the blog, can be used in so many ways, apart from making content available for students to learn more or simply to brush up on the items. One of the games we played is one that I call Post-it because I started playing this game using post-its but it’s a bit more fun if you use the blackboard, so that the whole class can see the word.
    I prepare some items on flipping cards – a picture or a description. The class is divided into groups of four/six. Each team chooses their runner.
    I set a stopwatch and show them the card. The teams have to guess the word and write it down on a piece of paper that they will give to the runner. Before the stopwatch goes, the runner has to get to the blackboard and write the word down on the part of the blackboard that has been assigned to the team (as the word and the spelling was decided by the group, the pressure for getting this correct doesn’t solely depend on the runner, so possible self-consciousness about spelling is removed here).
    Once time’s over, I turn the card and teams can check and get the point.
    I’ve done this one quite a few times and students really enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to get up and move around (especially last year when we had windows open due to the pandemic and it was freezing cold. Students were almost at loggerheads to be the runners :D)

    Thanks again
    Opps! Forgot to mention. All runners have to start writing at the same time and stop once the bell goes.

  2. Thanks a lot. I have used your quiz with great success.
    Before giving them the quiz,I first used a wordcloud so that students would contribute and teach each other the words they knew. I used all your words + “biased”. Here is the cloud in case you want to use it
    Tomorrow I am planning on revising the vocab with a back-to-the board game in teams and with bells to spice it up a bit.

  3. Hi Cristina! So happy they saved the day : ) Many thanks for commenting.

    I’m very happy to share the link, which you’ll find below, but please let me first give you a short review before you find yourself in the mess that I got myself into.
    It’s a plugin that you can install on your blog, but it has quite a few limitations and the worst one is that it’s not mobile-friendly (I discovered this after having created at least three of them). The other downside is that unless you go pro, you can’t change the size of the font, so you have quite a few issues fitting whatever you want to place on the card, and end up writing, getting screenshots and uploading these tiny little pictures. After such a tedious job, I’ll definitely have to find something a little more practical for future flipping cards.

    Here’s the link

  4. Thank you very much for this post. You have saved my life today.
    Can I ask you a technical question? I love the flipcards.
    Can you please share the tool you have used to create them?
    Thanks again

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