Listening Intermediate B1: Changing the Toilet Roll

Do you help at home? Do you do your share of housework? Have you ever had a problem or more than one with a flatmate or an untidy brother/sister of yours?

This dad surely had a little domestic problem and decided to get it sorted out using a very innovative strategy.  What would you think if a relative of yours uploaded a video of this type?

Watch the video and choose the best option.

Created by blogdeserena

Changing the loo roll

Watch the video and mark true or false according to what you hear.

Activity by Serena

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This is the first video of a series.  

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He has tried to ask his children to do something face-to-face and it hasn't worked. 

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He is making the video because he wants to be creative.

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He has told his children that the lesson will be very easy. 

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He tells them that the first thing they need to do is to find a new toilet roll. 

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The second thing they need to do is remove an empty roll from the toilet roll holder.

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He asks them to watch the video once.

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He says that putting the empty roll in the bin is too difficult for the moment.

9 / 9

There won't be anymore video tutorials.

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