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C1 Open Cloze What’s it like to be an immigrant in London-Anonymous

Having to deal with restricting laws and the red tape involved in the process of landing on foreign shores, becoming a part of a community, can be a pretty baffling experience. Here is a post by an anonymous person that I have adapted and used as an open cloze activity for advanced levels. Read the text and complete with ONE word.

The types of words that you would be expected to use in an open cloze are usually: auxiliaries, modals, prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs.

Created by blogdeserena


C1 Open cloze Anonymous

Read the text and  fill the blanks with one word.

You have an example.

Adapted from The Guardian

Activity by Serena


I was offered a job 0) with a company in London in 2009, when I was living in Cork so due 1) _the recession, my husband and I moved to London. The most difficult aspect of moving was that my husband is not an EU citizen. 2) _ EU law, I'm entitled to have my family live with me anywhere in the EU, but there are quite a 3) _ hoops to jump through. He got his initial six-month family permit, and then 4) _ to apply for a five-year visa. However, the Home Office took 5) _ long to process his five-year visa that he had to quit his job after six months and turn 6) _ other offers until it was sorted out. He's about to apply for his leave to remain and I'm absolutely dreading it. The upside, of course, is that, if I were British, he'd probably have been thrown 7) __ of the country already, as we don't earn enough to meet the threshold that Theresa May brought in. But life is generally pretty good, although living in London is incredibly expensive. In the five years I've been here, my salary has gone up 8) __ 2%. You can feel pretty unwanted when you pay attention to the news or the government. We're hoping to have kids in the next year or 9) __, which I imagine will make us feel more tied 10) __ the place.











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