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B2 Listening Popular dishes from Madrid

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If you’re from Spain, you will already be familiar with the dishes described in the audio. If not, you will learn something about some of Madrid’s most delicious and popular traditional cuisine.

This audio activity follows a test format so, not only will you be able to check your knowledge on cooking vocabulary, but also practise listening skills. The test is a B2 level, but strong B1s could also give it a try.

Below you will find the link to the vocabulary quiz that I have prepared as a pre-listening activity and after the quiz, you may want to cover some of the questions on the Speak for a minute section.

Pre-listening vocabulary quiz

Created by blogdeserena

B2 Listening Madrid's most popular dishes

Listen to the audio and mark the statements True or False according to what you hear. 

This activity follows a test format for Intermediate levels of English. You will have 13 minutes to complete the task.

Zero is an example.

Activity by Serena

0) There are alternative to having a bare bocadillo de calamares.


1) People only eat a bocata de calamares at bars and restaurants.

2) Cocido madrileño is boiled for several hours.

3) Cocido madrileño is eaten as a main course.

4) It is better to do some exercise before having cocido madrileño.

5) The cook breaks the egg yolks before serving huevos rotos.

6) Huevos rotos is fried in an oil that is produced in Spain.

7) Some people use an alternative method to traditional cooking for the preparation of callos a la madrileña.

8) Callos a la madrileña is different to callos from other parts of Spain because this dish is cooked in a clay bowl.

9) In Madrid it is a tradition for people to have churros in the evening.

10) There are famous places in Madrid that have been serving churros for nearly 100 years.

Speak for a minute

Do you know of any traditional recipes that are popular with visitors to your area?

What are they made of?

When do people eat these dishes?

How are these dishes prepared? What makes them so special?

Would you make a recommendation for a restaurant or another place where you could order this dish?

How healthy are they? What disadvantages do they have?

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