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Intermediate b1/b2 Tense revision activity: Where Did Christmas Crackers Come From?

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In Britain not pulling a cracker means that something is missing! Both children and adults love them and they add more fun and laughter to Christmas dinner and parties. But where did this tradition come from? I came across this article and found it such a sweet story that I just couldn’t help not using it, so this one is to help you go over past tenses (active and passive ) and some  present tenses too.

The source is Metro.co.uk

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Present simple ‘be’ in negative sentences

This one (and many to come) is for my very, very special bunch of students from 2 which I already miss very much because I’m stuck in the house with my leg up in bandage.

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Present perfect: Have you ever…?


This application from Wheel decide is great fun for practising ‘Have you ever’ structures.

All you have to do is click on the wheel and answer the question that come up. Some of them are quite tongue-in-cheek, but telling fibs is also a way to spice up an English class.

<a href=”http://<iframe src=”https://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=won+a+prize&c2=booked+a+very+exotic+destination&c3=met+a+famous+person&c4=lost+your+luggage&c5=lost+your+mobile+phone&c6=made+a+horrible+mistake&c7=forgotten+to+pay+at+a+bar+or+a+restaurant&c8=lost+something+very+valuable&c9=missed+a+flight&c10=visited+the+same+country+more+than+once&c11=been+in+a+disaster+place&c12=seen+a+ghost&c13=eaten+something+very+exotic&c14=missed+a+train&c15=written+a+book&c16=planted+a+tree&c17=rescued+an+animal&c18=helped+a+stranger&c19=found+a+lot+of+money&c20=done+extreme+sport&c21=had+a+crush+on+a+famous+person&c22=lost+your+flight+ticket&c23=bought+something+you+have+never+used&c24=spent+all+you+money+on+something+you+didn%27t+need&c25=experienced+a+natural+disaster&c26=volunteered+&c27=donated+to+charity&t=Have+you+ever&time=5&#8243; width=”500″ height=”500″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″>Click for the wheel here

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A1 The Present simple

What time do you get up? When do you go to work? when do you watch TV? All these questions ask about our routine and so we usually use the present simple. Here you have some help for real beginners.

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