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Present perfect: Have you ever…?


This application from Wheel decide is great fun for practising ‘Have you ever’ structures.

All you have to do is click on the wheel and answer the question that come up. Some of them are quite tongue-in-cheek, but telling fibs is also a way to spice up an English class.

<a href=”http://<iframe src=”https://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=won+a+prize&c2=booked+a+very+exotic+destination&c3=met+a+famous+person&c4=lost+your+luggage&c5=lost+your+mobile+phone&c6=made+a+horrible+mistake&c7=forgotten+to+pay+at+a+bar+or+a+restaurant&c8=lost+something+very+valuable&c9=missed+a+flight&c10=visited+the+same+country+more+than+once&c11=been+in+a+disaster+place&c12=seen+a+ghost&c13=eaten+something+very+exotic&c14=missed+a+train&c15=written+a+book&c16=planted+a+tree&c17=rescued+an+animal&c18=helped+a+stranger&c19=found+a+lot+of+money&c20=done+extreme+sport&c21=had+a+crush+on+a+famous+person&c22=lost+your+flight+ticket&c23=bought+something+you+have+never+used&c24=spent+all+you+money+on+something+you+didn%27t+need&c25=experienced+a+natural+disaster&c26=volunteered+&c27=donated+to+charity&t=Have+you+ever&time=5&#8243; width=”500″ height=”500″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″>Click for the wheel here

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