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Somebody, anybody, nobody: The Man on the Moon

It’s almost Christmas and this probably means having “get togethers” with your loved ones.  The man on the moon was a famous advertisment, launched in 2015 for John Lewis. A lot of people found the advertisment too sad. What do you think?

This is a fun way for A2  B1 levels of English to learn the difference between somebody/anybody/nobody,  etc.

Created by blogdeserena

Pronouns Somebody-Anybody-etc and the Man on the Moon

Read , watch, learn and enjoy

Activity by Serena

1.For objects we use...

2.For people we use...

3.We usually use "something" "somebody" for...

4.Do we use anything for questions and negatives?

5.Is this statement correct? We use nothing for affirmative sentences.

6.Is using a double negative grammatically correct in English?

7.Which sample below is using a double negative? 

8.What can you see? 

Black rectangle


9. Can you see ...?

Girl thinking


10. So, you can see somebody. Yeah, it's a little girl. How do you think she feels?

Girl thinking


11. What is she doing?Girl looking through a telescope

12.What is she looking at?The moon

13. Can she see ...?

14. Look! There is ... on the moon.

Moon with house

15. What do you think it is?

Moon with house

16. It's a little house! Does ...live there?

17. Oh goodness me! Look! There is ... in the house!

A man is in the house on the moon

18. Can you see him? Who do you think he is?

A man in a house on the moon

19. How do you think he feels?

lonely man on the moon

20. The little girl wants to send ... to the man on the moon. 

sending a letter to the man on the moon

21. What do you think? Did the man receive ...?

Sad man

22. Look! The little girl sent .... I wonder what it is.

A gift is being sent to the man on the moon

23. There is ... in this present. What do you think it is?

a present


25. The man on the moon is looking at planet earth. Can he see ______?

The girl through the telescope

26. What is the girl doing?

the little girl is waving

To end the activity, watch this beautiful ad and do your best not to get too emotional.

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