2nd Conditional quiz

Brushing up on grammar can be a little boring. Hope this tiny quiz helps.

Created by blogdeserena

Second conditional

Complete the sentence with a form of the verb for the second conditional

Activity by Serena

We .... to have dinner if we agreed about the restaurant.

If he ... fitter, he would go out on his bike more often.

If I had a year off, I ... round the world.

 If I ... time, I would learn to play the piano.

If we ... the attic, it could be an extra bedroom for guests.

If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I ....  fishing with you.

More people ...  for him if he were more honest.

I ... more books on this topic if they were not so difficult to understand.

If she could find the recipe, she ... a wonderful cake for his party.

If I had more time, I ... the garden.

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