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Phrasal verbs with ‘Look’

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Phrasal verbs with LOOK

Choose the correct option

Quiz by Serena

The police are __________the recent increase in burglaries. (investigate)

I'll stop by to ____________ him to see if everything is alright . (pay a short visit)

They were just ___________ while the mechanics were working. (observing)

I really _____________ her. She always knows what to do in any situation. (admire)

I hate the way he __________ the staff! (regard as inferior)

My neighbour sometimes _____________my children if I can't get back on time. (take care)

I'm cleaning the attic tomorrow so, I'll _______ for that picture you said you wanted. (to search for something from among your possessions)

I love that writer, so I'm really _________ his next novel. (anticipate with pleasure)

My grandfather loves to ______ on his childhood days. (remember the past)

We __________the car again before buying it. (examine carefully)

I can't believe she is so bad mannered! She's just ___________me pretending she hadn't seen me. (to ignore somebody)

When I don't what to prepare, I __________ recipes in a cookbook. (look for information in an appropriate book or list.

_____________! There's a car coming. (be careful)

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