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Confusing words: appointment – date


In Spanish and Catalan we usually use ‘cita’ for when we have arranged to meet somebody for professional advice and for when we when we have arranged to meet somebody for leisure.  However, these  two words are very different in English.

Appointment is the word we should use for professional advice like when we go to the doctor for health reasons.

Date is the word we should use for reasons related to meeting somebody for fun or leisure (even if it ends in an argument 😉   )

Look at these examples and after do the quiz.

A – How do you feel today? 

B- Very happy because I have a date with Mick and he’s the so gorgeous!

A- How  do you feel today?

B- Quite bad. I have a very bad backache and I have to get an appointment with my doctor.

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Confusing words appointment - date

Do this quiz to learn how to differentiate these  words that are often found confusing

Activity by Serena

I've got a/an ...with my lawyer for next Monday to see about the divorce papers. 

Sarah went out early today because she has a/an ...with Jack. They're meeting at the local pub. 

A: What are you doing this afternoon? 
 B: I've got a dental .... at 3 o'clock.

I've got an excruciating backache. I'm going to phone the doctor and get a/an...

I've got a/an ... with Jane. We're going to watch the new Blade Runner film.

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