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B1/B2 Flipping cards vocabulary quiz on hobbies and free time

What do you like doing in your free time? How do you unwind? I like going out on my mountain bike, but unfortunately, I don’t have as much time available as I would like. Another thing I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about is DIY. Yes, I really love changing  tacky old furniture into something completely different and unique. Hanging out with some friends having a beer and a laugh is another activity I like doing, but there are many others such as listening to music, reading  or escaping to the cinema every now and then; although many of the films on nowadays are not really  my cup of tea. You might agree with me if I say, that the only problem about having free time is not having enough of it, but there again, life isn’t perfect, is it?  🙂  What do you like doing? Here’s a vocabulary quiz for different hobbies. See if you can guess the word and after, think about which one suits you most?

A lot of people like doing this, but many others don't. It isn't expensive and you can do it almost anywhere (in the kitchen, in bed, at work or even commuting to work). Some like doing it with short ones, others like very, very long ones and there are many different types of ... that you can use for this hobby. What's the word?


It's an outdoor hobby where you plant flowers, vegetables or fruit trees. It's...


Those who are couch potatoes, actually love doing this. They follow their favourite serials and never miss films or sport events. Some of them even pay fees to have as many channels as possible because they love ...(clue: two words)

watching TV or watching television

Turn up the volume and enjoy any type such as hip hop, rock, pop and classical music just to mention a few. Doing this puts us into a different mood or helps us relax when we are stressed. If a person likes doing this they would say 'I like ...  music'

listening to music.

To stay healthy and fit you can do this. Some people like doing this in a team and others like doing this individually. A person that likes this would say 'I like  . Clue: first word begins with 'd' and second word begins with 's'

doing sport

You can ...  games on your computer or on a games console like PlayStation or X-Box. You can do this on your own or with your friends or family.

play computer

You can learn to ...  an... like the piano, the guitar, the violin, a harmonica, a trumpet, etc. This usually takes a lot of time to do it without hurting people's ears, but it is very relaxing and creative and in the end it is really worth it.

play an instrument

When you do this you can go to a club, have dinner at a restaurant or go for a drink with some friends. A person who does this would say ' I like ...  with friends.

going out

This is a hobby where you need a camera or a mobile phone.

taking photos or taking pictures

Many people like doing this and watch blockbuster films/movies, Bollywood movies, animated films, sci-fi films, horror films, etc. You would say 'I like ...   the cinema or the movies.'

going to

If you like being with relatives just for the pleasure of sharing good moments, whether this means having lunch, dinner or going on an excursion, you would say 'I like s.... t...  with my family'.

spending time

Some people hate this while others love it. Those who love it, do it to relax and they go to places where there are a lot of things on display. Some people go on a ----spree and some people just like to walk around these places looking for the best bargains. A person who likes doing this would say 'I love ... .


Rather than spending money, the people that like this activity go around looking at things on display in shop windows. This is called w... s...

window shopping

Many people like to prepare different recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They like ...


If you like visiting interesting buildings and places as a tourist, then you like s...


If you like visiting different places, whether they are in foreign countries or in other parts of you own country, then you like ...


There are many of these hobbies where you can paint, draw and make things with your hands. You can make artistic objects or even things to wear. The general word for these types of hobbies is a... and c...

arts and crafts

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