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B1/B2 Showbiz vocabulary quiz

Created by blogdeserena

Intermediate Showbiz vocabulary quiz

Here you will find 25 vocabulary related questions about films, programmes and all that stuff. Choose the best option.

Activity by Serena

Which of these words SHOULD'T we use when talking about the camera work in a film?

If somebody says 'That film kept me at the edge of my seat' they are saying that the film was...

What is the name for the people who take part in a quiz show?

What do we call a serial that describes people's everyday lives at work and at home?

A sequel is ...

A programme where people have to do something to win something like money or a prize is called...

The person who takes part in a film is called ...

The people that have gathered to watch a show or a play are called...

This genre is about the future and usually involves things like spaceships, technology and robots among other things

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The film has been _______ three Oscars.

A programme where famous people talk informally about their lives is called...

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When a representation is on stage we call it...

If we say a film was a 'blockbuster movie' we are saying ...

It's a format that is becoming more and more popular. It shows people living together in a big house and doing...nothing at all.

Cowboys and Indians, Clint Eastwood , cactus and lots of north-american deserts are present in this genre.

It's the name of the genre that explores bad things that happen to people.

Which one of these words CAN'T be used to describe this type of genre?

The music in a film is called...

It's not about fiction. Rather it's serious and it explores things like wildlife or the lives of famous people.

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Many of the flims produced in India are popular for their music, dance and colourful costumes. Do you know the name for this film industry?

What's the name for a western made by an Italian film director?

The people that work making a film by preparing the setting or shooting are called...

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The stadium will seat 40,000 ...

What is the short word that describes a light-hearted romantic film?

This is a/an _________ film. It has quite a few prizes by different academies.

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