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Intermediate Vocabulary quiz for reading

Created by blogdeserena

Intermediate vocabulary quiz for anything you can read

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to reading


Quiz by Serena

A romance, a mystery - a crime fiction – a horror story – a whodunit – a detective – a thriller - mystery - chick lit, etc,. are all ...

__ the end of the book...

The most important person that appears in a novel is called...

A library is a place where you can...

When my children go to bed, I always read a __to them.

What's the word for the person that prepares and prints a book?

A novel that could have more than one possible ending is a/an __ ending book

A whodunnit novel is a book that has a plot that ...


If we talk about where Cervantes's novel, Don Quixote takes place we say 'Don Quixote is__in la Mancha.

What is a weekly?

What's the general word for newspapers and magazines?

If a book is about a love relationship, we say it is a__novel.

What types of stories or news are published by yellow journalism?

What's a paperback?

What's a tabloid?

The plot is...

What type of public do you think read 'Chick lit'?

If we want to say that a book ends well, we can also say...

If a book becomes a film, we can say the film is __on a novel

What's the name for the person who writes a book?

What's the name for the person who tells a story in a book?

A non-fiction book is ...

Novels are usually divided into ...

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